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Quality collectors fair in the Parnassus




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- More then 10 years the collectors fair in Flanders offering quality curiosa and affordable antiques -

Regulations OTTO & OTTO
Both individuals and professional merchants are welcome to participate in the fair. Participating equals the acceptance of the OTTO & OTTO regulations.
  • Art. 1 The organizer of OTTO & OTTO can never be held responsible - nor by participants nor by visitors - for theft, loss, damage, breaking, accidents, ... with or withouth physical and material injuries.
    Nor can the the organizer be held responsible for any kind of theft and damage to cars on the parking lot of the Parnassus or nearby parking facilities.

  • Art. 2 Subsequent articles are excluded and can be removed by the organiser or competent authorities:
    • Inferior second-hand material such as new frames, reproductions, new jewelery, all counterfeit & forgery, military objects, etc., ...
    • Objects without collectors value which do not show the intended quality.
    • Clothing, weapons, books, toys, etc. These objects are allowed in case they are vintage and show objective collectors value.
    • All goods in conflict with the legislation related to racism, discrimination and privacy.

  • Art. 3 Participants may unload their goods starting from 9.00 a.m. Loading and unloading is allowed on the parking lot of the Parnassus, however, cars cannot stay on the parking lot during the fair. (longtime parking is exclusively reserved for guests staying in the hotel of the Monasterium)

  • Art. 4 To garantee a fine presentaion of good quality merchandise all packeging needs to be stored out of sight or left in the car.

  • Art. 5 Traffic in the Oude Houtlei may not be obstructed.
    The Parnassus does not offer outdoor places (parkplace nor cloister garden) for selling goods. The latter can be used by both, merchants and visitors, to enjoy a drink and hopefully good weather.

  • Art. 6 Registration and payment equals acceptance of regulations and engagement for participation.
    Payments can never be refunded unless the organiser need to cancel the fair. Empty places of paid participants wil be divided among the present participants, shortly before visitors are allowed to enter the fair.

  • Art. 7 Participants need to leave their venue in the same condition as was found on arrival, before starting unpacking, ultimately at 7 p.m.
    Any depravation caused by visitors or participants will be recovered with the aid of their insurance.

  • Art. 8 The organizer of OTTO & OTTO is at all times authorized to repulse or remove persons during the fair in case the latter acts in such a way the quiescence of the fair cannot longer be secured.